Railway relic films
A few films featuring railway relics have found their way onto YouTube, including a couple we made. We've built these into pages on our site. To step back in time, click on their title.

A short, silent film capturing one of Britain's forgotten minor railways.

BFI Films (1930)

A delightfully evocative film recording the last days and dismantling of the Scarborough to Whitby railway. Frank Dean (1967)

Cine film taken from the leading end of a train as it passes slowly over the swing bridge between Throsk and Alloa.

Colour film showing movements at the terminus of the Alnwick branch.


A video charting the refurbishment of Bilston Glen's majestic viaduct

Another film featuring the 24 mile S&D line from Evercreech Junction, with Sir John Betjeman. BBC (1963)

A five-parter looking back at yesterday's railway when steam was still king.


Rare footage of the last train ever to cross this remarkable structure.


Short clip on external website (British Pathe) showing the viaduct's girder sections being dismantled. (1937)

Short clip on external website (British Pathe) showing the viaduct's brick piers being blown up. (1938)

Archive photos of the railway that served Liverpool Docks, before closure arrived in the 1950s.

Farmer Moving South (in 2 parts)

A Yorkshire farmer up-sticks and moves his business to Sussex by train.


Film of the coastal route through St Andrews which transformed the town into a popular tourist destination in the late 19th century.

An aerial celebration of some of the North's great disused viaducts.

A silent collection of shots showing the workings of the long-gone Great Central Railway in and around Leicester. (1960s)

The last days of the Hayling Billy, set to music.


Jim Clemens' film chronicles the rural lines around the two county towns.


Isle of Wight steam (in 3 parts)

Three contrasting films capturing different views of steam on the island.


John Betjeman takes a trip along the North Norfolk coast before Dr Beeching closed the line.

Film of a diagramed steam working from Eastbourne to Tunbridge Wells West.


A 1984 regional news report records the journey of the last passenger train from Newcastle to Consett.

A walk up the old line from West Bridge to Desford Junction.


Rare footage of the much-missed Liverpool Overhead Railway which was dismantled in 1957.

A local landmark captured as it was taken apart.


A delightfully evocative journey by DMU along the erstwhile branch from New Mills to Hayfield, in the foothills of the Peak District.

Capturing the life and death of the Great Central around Nottingham.


Penrith-Keswick (2 clips)

Footage showing both steam and DMU services on the now-closed line into the heart of the Lake District.

Take a trip along the old Port Road, passing over the viaducts at Loch Ken and Big Water of Fleet (1965)

Enjoy the freedom of the open railroad by taking your car onto the tracks.

Pathe News (1962)

The story of the Bala & Ffestiniog, told by the last guard to travel the line.

Four by Three (1997)

A video report on the campaign to reopen Queensbury Tunnel as part of an ambitious cycle network.

Dr Richard Beeching explains the reasons behind the extensive cuts to the network triggered by his notorious Sixties report.

A nostalgic journey along the defunct Somerset & Dorset Railway.


A short video in which interior photographs of the tunnel are set to music.
A video report on the detailed examination of Rhondda Tunnel as part of its proposed reopening as a cycle path.
A high quality film recalling a gentler way of getting around the Isle of Wight.
Evocative cine film of the former Suffolk branch, accompanied by Flanders & Swan's 'Slow Train' lament.

Cine film showing the awesome Severn Railway Bridge shortly after being fatally damaged by a drifting oil barge.

A newsreel item recording the dismantling of the bridge's 22 surviving spans. (1967)

Adocumentary recalling the former Border Counties route from Hexham to its junction with the Waverley line at Riccarton.

An award-winning classic demonstrates British Rail's dedication to blizzard-battling. BFI (1963)

Clearing a stretch of the Stainmore route, blocked by severe winter snows.

BTF (1955)

Steam trains and DMUs travel the line between Barnard Castle and Bowes.

A retired Devon signalman recalls the life, times and decline of the county's rail services.

The reminiscences of two firemen who used to work the Wensleydale Railway. Four by Three (2004)

A video report on the official opening of Torksey Viaduct as a footpath, linking communities either side of the River Trent on the Notts-Lincs border.
An evocative film from 1973 recording an exploration of two South Wales tunnels by a group of like-minded people.
A video offering insight into some of the techniques employed by Victorian engineers to drive railway tunnels.
Two films showing the old GN line between Derby and Nottingham, including Bennerley Viaduct.

Colour cine film showing the last days of the truncated Wansbeck branch.


A different world on the railway of yesteryear.

National Library of Scotland

A timelapse view of the former Hull & Holderness branch, closed in 1965.


A short film charting the construction of Woodhead Tunnel and the associated electrification of the trans-Pennine route from Manchester to Sheffield.

A 25-minute film, part of which captures the early stages of work to construct a new double-track tunnel at Woodhead. BTF (1951)

A collection of scenes from the heavily engineered line along the North Yorkshire coast, featuring Staithes, Sandsend and Whitby.

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