Rhondda Tunnel

It’s only when you walk through Rhondda Tunnel that you get a real sense for the scale and endeavour involved in its construction. You put your head down and your best foot forward, not appreciating that every step represents a shift’s worth of work for the men who drove it without any of the mechanical advantages enjoyed by engineers today. They don’t know they’re born. Like other tunnels that rank alongside it, this is in extraordinary place; you just can’t see it in three dimensions.

We’ve glued together a few of our favourite photos from three recent visits (that’s 12 miles of wellington wear) and set them to music. We hope they inspire you to support the Rhondda Tunnel Society’s energetic campaign to repurpose the structure for cycling, with the aim of revitalising communities that still feel the lingering impact of industrial demise. It’s a fantastic cause.

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