Central & Werneth tunnels

(All photos © Bungle)

Opened in 1847 by the Lancashire & Yorkshire Railway, the line from Manchester to Rochdale via Milnrow - known as the Oldham loop - skirted around the south of the town by means of two tunnels between Werneth and Mumps stations. Although it closed on 3rd October 2009, the route reopened in June 2012 as part of Manchester Metrolink's new line to Rochdale. The section through the tunnels will however close again when street-running tracks are laid into Oldham town centre, bypassing the original alignment.

Furthest west is Werneth Tunnel - 471 yards in length and perfectly straight. A short cutting leads the way to Central Tunnel which is slightly shorter at 449 yards; it incorporates a curve to the north. Both structures are masonry lined throughout and fitted with numerous refuges, however neither has a ventilation shaft.

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